Saturday, October 8, 2011

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These are photos from last year. I went with one of my elder brothers, his wife and my 3 year old nephew. Maybe I’ll finally edit a photo of the ‘carriage’ and post it soon. I was so excited when I found out they were having carriage rides that I had to go. We ended up walking. Thankfully there wasn’t much snow on the ground and it was a relatively nice day. The next day was miserable.
We went the year before as well, or was it the year before that? At that time my brother wasn’t married yet and we went with our mom, niece and her older brother. She was quite small then. We had to keep her bundled up for the whole ride.
My family doesn’t celebrate christmas but it’s nice to go on the rides and see horses up close. My nephew was a bit scared to touch the horse. He eventually touched it once. He didn’t say much while we were out but once he got home he was bursting with things to say about his ride and the horses :) Wish we could have taken his little brother too. He was taking a nap when we left though and the baby was too small to take out in the cold like that.
I learned all sorts of trivia about the horses but I’ve forgotten most of it :/ Knew I should have written it down. I remember some. They were sired by the same white stallion so they think they will eventually turn white also. Hoppy is obviously further along in that process than Hank. They were both born grey. They’ve been together they’re whole life. They don’t think they could separate them now. Where one goes, the other must follow. They were really affectionate with each other. It was sweet. The tack, is that the word for it?, they’re wearing was very old. Older than the guy driving the carriage. I assume he was in his sixties. A piece actually snapped while we were out. You can see it in the last right-hand photo. It had been on Hoppy’s underside. They eat a lot and drink about 20 gallons of water a day, each. They were taken to a car wash to get cleaned before they came. Hmmm, what else? They live for about thirty years, and can actively work until about the last two years of their life.
Fact about me? I didn’t realize what photographing male horses really meant xD I got a shock one day when trying to edit and what had been seen could not be unseen. I guess I had selective blindness. Haha.
I live right across from a park and saw Hank and Hoppy again last week. They were pulling a fancier carriage for a wedding. They were right in front of my house for a long time. I wanted to go out and pet them so bad. It won't be too long before they're doing carriage rides for Christmas again. I can't wait.

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