Thursday, October 13, 2011

KCWC Day Four

Fabric: Main dress fabric: Black Carolina Chambray - Robert Kaufman
            Lining: Flea Market Fancy - Orange Posies - Denyse Schmidt 
           Trim: Store-bought bias tape, organic cotton ribbon from Near Sea Naturals, the buttons                         were made from the posie fabric with a button making kit

Pattern: Pocket Pinafore (Size 6) - Little Girls, Big Style by Mary Abreu

I made a few adjustments to this pattern: 
  1. Lengthened the Pinafore by 6" to make more of a dress length
  2. Constructed the bodice so that no seams would show (I still have to hand stitch the lining down and sew on the buttons)
  3. Added shoulder ties (14"x 4" pieces of fabric. Sewed with curved edge. Inspiration from here)
  4. Added interfacing to the bodice front and back (I first added just to the area where the buttons and ribbon are but thought the rest of the bodice needed some more umph. Once I put the interfacing in it was like a piece clicking into place. If I make this again I'll definitely put the interfacing in)
  5. Instead of folding over the armhole I bound it with bias tape.
  6. Did French seams. I really wanted to do flat fell seams, they're my favorite, but forgot to add the bit extra to the seam allowance.

I almost didn't make this dress. I'm borrowing Little Girls, Big Style through inter-library loan and the library it came from did not put the patterns in an envelope, in fact, they're still attached to the book. At first I tried to stick a ruler in the folds of the pattern and make my own pattern from the measurements. Once I was done with one side the pattern page unfolded out of the book and I realized that the bodice pattern I needed was in a fortuitous place. It was right at the edge and if I stood the book up and pressed down a little I could trace what I needed. I'm so thankful that it wasn't farther in the page because I would have been out of luck.

When I was about to start sewing I realized I needed to wind a bobbin with grey thread. I mindlessly did so and went off to lala land. when I looked up I saw there was barely any thread left on the spool and the bobbin was nearly full! I had to rewind some thread back on the spool. I had just enough to get most of the stitching that shows done (Inside stitching except for the lower panel seams is done in black thread). I still need to get some more thread so that I can topstitch around the sides and top of the bodice.

I waffled over what to make with this fabric. I originally bought it from when they had a really good deal on it last month. I waited too long to buy though, so when they got to my order I couldn't get for yards, only 2 yards in a 1/2 yard and 1 1/2 yard pieces. I was going to use it as backing for a quilt for my niece and make something else or do some sashing with the 1/2 yard. The fabric kept calling to me though, and I'm glad it did. I'm smitten with this dress. It took me hours to make. I'm not too bothered by that since I take a while to sew anything. I had to break out the seam ripper a few times and had some brain farts from tiredness but thankfully nothing serious happened. The chambray creased and held the hem I ironed into it beautifully. I usually can't get my folds to stick and have to resort to a battalion of pins.

I've been up all night and it's 10am now so I'm going to go take a nap. I have to get up and clean up my mess first before my mom's homeschool students come soon my sewing stuff is all over the living room.


  1. i ran into the same thread issue earlier this week :/ cute dress!

  2. It sucks when there's less thread than you thought there was, doesn't it? Thank you, I still can't stop looking at it. I'm going to be sad to give it away.

  3. I love your take on the pocket pinafore! My daughter would totally love it. Glad you could get the library copy to work for you. Thanks for giving my book a try!

  4. Thanks! The patterns in your book are very versatile. I think it's one of those books that I'll be saving for :)