Thursday, October 11, 2012

KCWC Day 4

Pattern: Purl Bee Embroidered Denim Jumper 

Fabric: More Carolina Chambray in Magenta (Somehow I think I'm never making that quilt for my niece. Not out of this fabric, at least.)

Stayed up late to make a second one of these jumpers and to hem and sew the seam allowances down on the side and sleeves. I made the bodice an inch wider and the skirt a half inch longer (27 1/2") than the first one I made. I tried the smaller one on the little girl who will be wearing it. She's tickled pink and it's the length I was hoping it would be on her, which is ankle length.

Each skirt panel on the jumpers was made 24" wide. I did more gathering across the width of the skirt on the second jumper. I also ended up making a french seam in the back and a normal seam in the front of it. I sewed on the wrong side and as late as it was I didn't want to go through the trouble of trying to seam rip the raveling fabric. I sewed two lines of zigzags and then topstitched instead. Instead of handsewing down the seam allowances I stitched it on the sewing machine. Seems to have done well and it was fun maneuvering the fabric to keep the stitching continuous. I almost stitched the skirt into the topstitching but thankfully caught myself in time. Finished at exactly 2::30am when I'd hoped to stop. I still had to give the jumper a last iron but I was able to go to bed with two finished garments.

The sort of flutter sleeve that results from the rectangular bodice is really cute.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 3 Sewing

This is what I got done last night. I'm tired but I need to finish and finish making another tonight before I go to bed. Sorry for the horrific photographs. I took them quickly during lunch time.

They are mock-ups for possible uniform jumpers for the Kindergartners I homeschool.  I tried them on the girls today.

The striped bodice is the Child Summer Frock bodice that is free on Burdastyle, and is a size 6T. The fabric is some random shirting I got from fabricmartfabrics last year. I wanted to try it since there's a tutorial for sewing the lined bodice together. I can see what I did wrong with the other bodice I tried to line. It's basted right now, I might sew it up for real at a later date. I made one adjustment, I cut the neckline for the front bodice at the 5T mark on the pattern since I wanted their to be a difference.

The other dress and bodices are from the Purl Bee Embroidered Denim Jumper pattern that I saw on the kcwc community pinboard. It's very simple since it's made up of rectangles and has only one pattern piece for the neck.

The ones I'm making will be quite plain since I'm not very good at embroidery or applique. I'm not going to be handsewing the side seams down or doing the hem by hand either. I need things done a little quicker. It took me a while, two hours? to blanket stitch the first neckhole. The second took me about an hour. The suggestion to wet your fingers to help roll the neck edge really helped.

I'd like to some day make one the way the pattern says to though; it looks lovely. I made a french seam for my waist seams [bulky :( ] since I didn't feel like getting out my serger and I wouldn't trust Caroline Chambray not to ravel even with a zigzag over the edges.

Well, I need to get to sewing so I can get at least a few hours of sleep tonight. I'll be making a properly formatted post when I have both of them done and hemmed.
Got some sewing done tonight. Most of one of these and a Freshly Picked bodice. Going to try them out for fit tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KCWC day 2

Yesterday I just took out some fabric and ended up falling asleep. This is the results of today /o\ I'm going to have to sit down with a seam ripper. I think I wasn't in the right mindset. I'd ordered a sample of Nescafe Memento on Nescafe's Facebook a while ago. It came today so I'm going to relax and try one of the packets they sent out. I'll try to sew something else later.