Thursday, October 11, 2012

KCWC Day 4

Pattern: Purl Bee Embroidered Denim Jumper 

Fabric: More Carolina Chambray in Magenta (Somehow I think I'm never making that quilt for my niece. Not out of this fabric, at least.)

Stayed up late to make a second one of these jumpers and to hem and sew the seam allowances down on the side and sleeves. I made the bodice an inch wider and the skirt a half inch longer (27 1/2") than the first one I made. I tried the smaller one on the little girl who will be wearing it. She's tickled pink and it's the length I was hoping it would be on her, which is ankle length.

Each skirt panel on the jumpers was made 24" wide. I did more gathering across the width of the skirt on the second jumper. I also ended up making a french seam in the back and a normal seam in the front of it. I sewed on the wrong side and as late as it was I didn't want to go through the trouble of trying to seam rip the raveling fabric. I sewed two lines of zigzags and then topstitched instead. Instead of handsewing down the seam allowances I stitched it on the sewing machine. Seems to have done well and it was fun maneuvering the fabric to keep the stitching continuous. I almost stitched the skirt into the topstitching but thankfully caught myself in time. Finished at exactly 2::30am when I'd hoped to stop. I still had to give the jumper a last iron but I was able to go to bed with two finished garments.

The sort of flutter sleeve that results from the rectangular bodice is really cute.

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  1. so beautiful! Good for you for putting in such a late night of work - your effort paid off!