Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer KCWC 2013

Wow, I'm amazed that I actually got some sewing done this time. Only three items, but that's more than I did last time (0). I sewed on Tuesday and Thursday. I had more items planned but didn't end up making them. I might sew something tomorrow.

I'm very pleased with what I did sew. I bought a coverstitch machine (a Brother 2340CV) in May. I used it once, played with it a bit and then it sat for weeks. I decided I was just going to dive in and use it. I'm pleased with it but need a lot more practice. I'm loving how it doesn't compromise stretch when used to hem and topstitch. I did both of the collars after sewing both shoulder seams since I like that look better.

Tried these outfits on my 19 month old niece. She looked so cute! I love how the fit of the Banyan bodice and the Skater dress/Swing top hybrid looked so comfy.

Pattern: Banyan Tunic (Also available in PDF form)
Size: 18 months
Fabric: ByBora Scandinivian Flowers 

The funny thing about this fabric is that I accidentally clicked buy on it and then the lady accidentally sent the cut fabric to me. After it had traveled so far to get to me I decided to just pay for it and keep it. It was super expensive though O_O A lovely fabric. I'm thinking about getting some more to maybe make something for myself when I have some money to splurge.

Pattern: MADE Kid Shorts  in 'boy length' with added ruffle (The ruffle is kinda wonky :( I added it on the fly and was having trouble cutting straight even with a ruler, cutting mat, and rotary cutter. Then I was a bit frustrated ruffling the tiny circle. SMH. Next time I'll just do it flat and use my serger or ruffling foot.)
Size: 18 months
Fabric: Sew Classics Linen in Tobacco Potting + some cotton lawn I think I got from
Other: Cotton Ribbon bought from

I was so happy to finally see this outfit finished. I'd had it in my head for weeks. It evolved over time though. At first I was thinking to use a chartreuse green jersey from Girl Charlee to make leggings, I still might, but then I saw the linen at Joann Fabric and thought it would be perfect. I've been wanting to work with linen for years but had never bought any so jumped at the chance to get a half yard when it was on sale. I'm so in love with the combo. The Banyan tunic comes down a lot further on my niece than I thought it would though. Want to know a secret? Shhhhhh I messed up the back of the collar. I serged too wide and there's like, an 1/8" of collar in the back, lol.

Pattern: A mashup up of the Skater Dress bodice and Mad Mim's Swing Top
Size: 18 mth-2T
Fabric: Interlock from Joann Fabric

This was my second time using the Skater Dress pattern. The last time I made the dress with short sleeves. I really want to try the sleeveless soon. This top is actually a tester top. I was going to use the blue fabric for it but didn't want to cut into it until I knew it would work for sure. I ended up really liking it in this fabric though and instead made a banyan with the blue. I want to make some Coastal Craze Baggies to go under this in hot pink interlock.