Sunday, October 23, 2011

I've been doing some more baby sewing/crafting. Today is so grey that I'd have to find something to put the stuff on and take it outside to photograph. Maybe tomorrow. I have to weave in ends and sew up turning holes still anyway.

I've started three hats this week. I actually crocheted two of them but I might take one apart and and knit it instead. I started knitting a pilot cap and got really far in but I'm unsure of whether I have enough yarn and I wanted my increases and decreases to be neater so I frogged it. This is the perils of being a self-taught knitter. I thought I corrected myself when I was knitting backward  but I think I'm actually still doing it.

I loved the hat Meg from Elsie Marley made during KCWC on day two so much that I made two yesterday. I think they're sized for a newborn and won't fit too long. I made a grey and white one that's a little bigger than the stripey one so it should fit longer. While trying to print the pattern bigger I discovered how to scale up and down a pattern in the print dialogue for PDFs. I think I'm going to try again later and click tiling since the size I made was coming of the paper a little bit and still wasn't quite big enough.

Yesterday was a fail/yay!/so-so sewing day.

The Fail:

1. I tried making a baby dress from the McCall's pattern I had cut out already.  I added ribbing to the neck edge (Note to self: Try to always using baby rib ribbing. The other type is quite thick) and basted it and everything but it just looked odd and maybe a bit big.  My mom's sewing machine, me, and knits aren't too fond of each other especially when hemming needs to be done so I hated hemming the sleeves. Then when I used my serger to attach the skirt to the bodice I sewed a little of the bodice into the seam, thankfully it didn't go so far as to be cut, and a good bit of stripe that should have been in the seam in the front wasn't showing. When I tried fixing those issues I got even more since the gathering had gone out of the skirt. It looked horrible. I cut off the bodice and used the skirt to make another hat and will use the leftover for baby mitts.

2. I cut out a wrap around baby onesie after I sewed the first one 2 or so months ago. I started sewing it today but still don't have any grey thread so  I couldn't sew the ribbing on. Then I realized that when I cut out the pieces I had cut one piece out with the stretch going up and down.

The Yay!:

1. I made two hats from this Martha Stewart pattern. One in grey ribbing and white cotton/lycra and one in a stretchy knit with blue and green sparkly stripes.

2. After I realized I'd been making two things that would have to be trashed I was really sad but then I remembered that I'd wanted to adapt the wrap around onesie pattern to not snap at the top. So I took out a piece of paper, traced the top of the back pattern out on it and laid and traced the two front patterns over it to figure out how much I needed to add to the sides and practice the swoop I'd be cutting. I used my bias tape maker and an iron to make the bias tape for it and it was so much easier with this ribbinge than with the thicker kind. It just flowed through. I iron the folds out of some of the bias tape to use at the neckline. I like it much better this way since I can just serge it on and then turn the seam down. I sewed one of the sleeves slightly off but it's so cute that I'm really happy with it. I put on an iron-on velour heart that I bought during Bunte Fabric's going out of business sale.

3. Ironed a velour star onto the plain pair of pants I made during KCWC.

The So-So:
1. A pair of pants to go with the onesie and hat. I haven't finished these yet but I'm feeling leery about it. I'm going to add a waistband instead of folding over a waistband casing and I'm still not sure what to do about hemming the legs. I wonder if my brother and SIL would notice if I left them unhemmed, lol.

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