Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The snail in the sewing race

This new way to post is interesting. I like that it's so easy to position pictures in.

I got something made on the 23rd so I haven't forgotten KCWC. I meant to make something yesterday but that didn't happen. I think I'll try for every other day. Yesterday I photographed the dress I made and tried it on a little girl. She's 4 and this is supposed to be a 2T. I really need to work on cutting things to pattern size and not giving myself a little extra for mistakes.. I think the armholes would need to be slightly bigger for longevity and I probably won't be giving it to her but she loved it. She wanted to wear it when we went to the library together. I think I'll try to make her something since she loves it so much when I do. Such a sweet girl.

I was hoping to sew some clothes for my cousin's daughter but she hasn't gotten around to sending me measurements or clothes for sizing yet.

I had one of those $10 gift cards Kohl's sends out so I went there on Sunday. I'd been procrastinating for the last two weeks about ordering some knits and voile so I kind of went crazy and picked up 5 cotton/spandex tees that were on sale (2 XXL Mens, and 3 XL Womens). They were nice colors, stretchy, and so, so soft. It might not have been the most economical and I probably won't do it again unless a shirt is like $2 but I have some fabric to use that I like the color and feel of, so I'm happy. I'll probably still buy some yardage though. I don't know.



Dress: Two cotton/spandex tees from Kohls
Flower: Lining fabric from Jo-ann Fabric | DMC embroidery thread

I started this dress around 5 and finished it around 1am, hence the title of this post :/ It's ridiculous but I'm such a slow, cautious sewer. That time includes making the skirt pattern, using a seam ripper to remove the ribbing I used at the neck from another tee, finding out that I don't have enough fabric to cut out the back bodice in one piece even though I checked, forgetting to flip the pattern piece when I cut out the 2nd half and so having to use a different fabric for half of the back, somehow not cutting out the swoop on the skirt pieces (I had a curve instead O_o When I re-cut the curve I think I made it too deep) and sewing the back skirt to the bodice on the wrong side. Whoo. That was a long run-on sentence. I am ashamed :)

 I wasn't able to gather my sleeves at all but it does look good on. Next time I think I'll triple-check everything.

I contemplated doing some embroidery on the back to bring the sides together but I think it's fine as it is. I'm kind of scared to embroider on knits as well. I got some cutaway stabilizer and the mesh to put on the back to keep stitches from itching but I'm still a bit scared. I think I'll start with a woven.

 I'm thankful that even though I was making mistakes left and right, the fabric sewed like a dream. The sewing machine and my serger didn't try to eat it or anything. I don't know how much of that was due to the ballpoint pins and stretch needles I bought on Sunday. I think it was just a cooperative fabric. I think the finished garment might need a bit more steaming just to set it as right as it can be though. I would like to try to make this dress again.

I made the flower a few weeks ago. It was my first try and I'd like to do a better job next time but it looks nice on the dress. I glued the flower on a pin back and made it a broach. I now know that I should put the pin a little higher up next time so the flower doesn't sag.

I'm ready for sewing with wovens again although I've got a crush on knits. This kimono dress is going to be my inspiration for today or tomorrow. I have a pattern with wider sleeves that doesn't open all the way down the front but I really like the petite ruffles. It's something I'd been thinking about trying for a while and I've made the pattern before. I made ties in the side seams instead of the obi last time and will probably do the same this time..