Friday, April 27, 2012

I just finished a Toddler Swing Tank. I saw it on Pinterest when it first came out and knew I wanted to make it. I was a bit unsure though since there were no photos of it on a child. I Googled the pattern again today and saw that someone had made it for KCWC here. I loved the fabric she chose, so cute!

 It's after 1am here so I'll take photos tomorrow. My camera and I do much better in natural light. I was going to try a new pants pattern but I think I'll just cut out the pieces and see the pants tomorrow. I'm making a muslin before I cut into the fabric I actually want to use.

I'm really happy I was able to sit down and sew something today. Hopefully this will get me in gear so that I can start my niece's quilt. She's 4 months and I haven't even started it yet even though I bought the batting before she was born. Who's a procrastinator? Me! I made a quilt for my youngest nephew, also more than a few months after his birth, and since it had a ton of blocks and I didn't have basting spray or enough of the safety pins I'm a bit traumatized. I had to use some straight pins that were stabbing my thighs, plus I found trying to do the line quilting a bit difficult with all that turning and getting stabbed in the process. Hoping this one will go better because I really do like quilts.

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