Friday, April 27, 2012

KCWC Day 5

Pattern: Toddler Swing Tank by True Bias

Dress: Carolina Chambray in Magenta, Store bought bias tape.
            Button: Covered by a Michael Miller fabric. I forget which one.

I'm a night sewer so I sewed this up last night. I topstitched at 3/8" since I knew I wasn't going to be able to catch the edge of the bias tape at a 1/4". I also used a bigger button. I made it a few years ago and thought it would go nicely with this fabric. I thought about putting an applique on it but I'm not sure what shape I'd use.

I really need a 2 year old to try this on. I tried it on my 4 month old niece and it was just a little big on her. I love the pattern though. It's nice and simple. Carolina Chambray has a lot of body. I used it since I bought a few yards to make my niece's quilt and if I messed up I'd still have fabric. If I make this again and want a crossweave fabric I think I'd use Kaffe Fassett's shot cotton since it's a lot lighter.

Does anyone want a $20 credit to Tiny Prints? They recently sent it to me but I don't think I currently need anything from there. It's valid until 05/03/12. I bought my niece's birth announcements from there. They were so pretty.

Plum District has a coupon out for 25% off your order. The code is MOM25 and it's valid until the 30th of this month. I seriously love this site and have bought vouchers from them several times. It's always a good deal. I even got a subscription to Family Fun for free when they had a $10 coupon out last year. I don't have kids but it's an enjoyable magazine.


  1. Cute top! I really like the chambray, and the little button. I'd love to get some business cards for my Etsy shop from Tiny Prints.

    1. Thank you! You can email me at momoandowlish(at)hotmail(dot)com and I'll send you the code :)

      ETA: Sent it!

  2. So cute. That adorable button on the back makes it!